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«... The true artist is one who creates the real works of art. The artist should not copy the world around him. He should reflect it in pictures
Chaotic collection of colors - it not the art. Genuine art is a harmony of colors, and a true artist, using a few of them, creates a harmonic image of nature … »

Drawing on canvas is like talking with colors.

I got all my ideas from the nature, from the surrounding events and objects.

Taste of life

When I draw, I feel a true taste of life. Painting for me is the way to find myself.

Style and Sensibility

When I draw, I do not think about the style, I draw just what I feel.


I like different genres: nude, landscape, portraits, still life and so on.  For me, the most important thing is to show the inner meaning of depicted.

My opinion

In the nude female body, I want to show the divine beauty of the female figure. In the landscapes the most important thing is mood and color.  In still life all depicted is a piece of a living form not dead.

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  • Nude Composition

    Nude Composition


  • Five Flovers

    Five Flovers

    Still life

  • Grey Landscape

    Grey Landscape


  • Green Vase

    Green Vase

    Still life

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