” …?One of the most interesting artists which?I met was?Tabriz Abdullaev .. ” 

art critic

Actually paintings of Tabriz Abdullayev are loved?not only in Azerbaijan but also in other countries. His paintings are kept in private collections and galleries in Turkey, USA, Japan, Israel, Ukraine and many other countries of Europe.

From the first exhibitions Tabriz Abdullaev got?attention to his “extraordinary”, different from other kind of art. Strolling through the galleries and watching pictures, his paintings immediately catch the eye.

“Here it is .. that what i am looking for” – says a visitor.

The purpose of this web site is?to tell about ?Tabriz Abdullayev and show his art to the world. Also we want to make easier for the art lovers connect with an artist.


1972-1979 – Art School named after Azim Azimzade

1979-1985 – National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAOMA)

1986 – Member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan


2007 – Honored Artist of Azerbaijan Republic.

2011 – Presidential Scholarship.


1985 – Exhibition of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan.

1987 – Exhibition “The youth of the country”, Moscow.

1988 – The exhibition “Art of Azerbaijan”, Paris.

1990 – The exhibition “Art of Azerbaijan”, Denmark.

1995 – The exhibition “The works of young Azerbaijani artists”, Istanbul

2000 – The representative of culture of Azerbaijan, the Olympic Games in Sydney.

2002 – Personal exhibition, Baku.

2004 – Exhibition in the framework of the Days of Azerbaijani Culture, Abu Dhabi.

2005 – Exhibition of the CHA, Moscow.

2005 – Exhibition of the international organization T?RKSOY, Turkey.

2005 – The exhibition “Art of Azerbaijan”, Hungary.

2011, November 11. Personal exhibition in Baku.

2011 December 17, International Exhibition of Azerbaijan in Gabala.


2009 – Telecast about creativity of Tabriz Abdullayev, Azerbaijan’s public television station.

The eponymous film was broadcast on TNT Russia.