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When you live in the same apartment with the same interior for a long time you may have a desire to change it or at least to decorate. The simplest and painless method is to buy still life oil paintings in the modern. Paintings in this style blend easy with a domestic interior and predispose to fantasies and vision of new lines in an image not depending upon time when the painting was bought. You may buy a painting of a bunch of flowers for kitchen, bedroom or living room. So if you buy a modernist canvas don’t worry to be bored with it is suffice to hang it in another room with a new perspective.

Main style features

The modern appeared at the end of 19 century. The artists of the modern were working in the countries all over Europe and America but England is considered to be the founder of this style. Main features of the style are absence of border lines when drawing. This means that objects are not clearly bordered. An image is formed and appears in certain manner due to unique combination of brush strokes of different paint colours. To buy still life oil painting in the modernist style is the same if you plant real flowers for decoration of an apartment. Due to the style a painting will make you happy by its original beauty as if the flower is real but each day it is different. The most popular for most people are those images which depict usual objects:

  • a table with kitchen appliances, drinks and fruit;
  • vases of different forms with bunches of flowers;
  • different landscapes of different world parts.

It is enough to buy modern still life painting for the apartment decoration and all other rooms will follow the example of the first purchase as nothing can decorate your house better than masterpieces drawn in the modernist style.

Universal interior decoration

No modern decoration for an apartment can be compared with the work of artist. You can buy flowers painting on a canvas to decorate restaurant, house or as a gift for your friends or relatives. All these variations of application make artist’s work a universal decoration:

  • any time you want you can hang a painting in another room;
  • a neutral image can be placed anywhere you want;
  • it doesn’t matter if you want your painting in the office or house – you may chose or order a canvas of any size;
  • artist’s work is more valuable than standard printing.

For this reason today managers in expensive restaurants as a decoration of space prefer to buy still life oil painting.

On the other hand if you buy still life painting in the modern of an known artist then in some years a price can go up. This extends universality of your painting giving a purchase certain intrigue. If you buy oil painting (flowers) nowadays then who knows maybe in some years this purchase or gift will become priceless.

It is possible to make conclusion that it is worth decorating your apartment by real works of art and not by the modern callous works of factory lathe. Buy oil paintings flowers or other pleasing motives drawn by a magnificent artist Tabriz Abdullaev.