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With the development of technologies it became simpler to pick a unique and beautiful thing for a domestic interior. But in most cases in spite of big choice however there is an aftertaste of banality. The veritable beauty judges understanding a great number of styles (modern, art house, classicism) still give preference to the handwork and prefer to buy original painting than to order a photocopy of a high quality. To buy modern art paintings or not is an individual choice but it is better comparing with a work made by machine according to a certain template.

At the turn of the time

So many men so many minds when we speak about choice of contemporary modern art paintings for sale. Certainly, everybody would like to hang a great Picasso painting in his room but not everyone can afford one and still it is not necessary. Man as well as all his surrounding is moving ahead and that is why in our time it is more expedient to buy original contemporary oil paintings of modern artist. Such acquisition yields to nothing museums art and some time later price of works of a chosen artist will be incommensurably higher.

There is a great number of artists who work in different styles of all times:

  • abstract art is when images on a canvas are not connected with reality;
  • anachronism is a school of post-modernism reflecting author’s perception of art of the past;
  • academism is painting of XVI-XIX with its classic forms in art;
  • the modern is a contemporary art with its main idea of refusing straight lines and corners;
  • an avant-gardism is a totality of unusual modernistic schools of art of XX century.

On the other hand it is mostly desirable that domestic interior corresponds to the facts and that is why it is possible to buy contemporary paintings only from the real authors who currently live and work.

Popular painting in the modern

Painting in modernist style began at the end of XIX century and quickly enough spread in the countries of Europe and America due to numerous exhibitions. At that time to buy original paintings for a domestic interior was one of main methods to improve a domestic atmosphere underlining the status in society. Among the basic features of art works in modern style we may distinguish:

  • absence of corners and clear lines with even borders;
  • wide stylistic range;
  • range of colours is without the variety of different tints.

To buy a modern art painting without clear borders and frames for an interior in fact is the best variant in our time when there are no limitations of morals and manners. Everybody chooses that he likes and that represents his inner world with no regard to the price and how it is expensive.  In fact everything relating to our soul is priceless and to buy an original oil painting is not a simple choice among a great number of characteristics with a price being not a principal one.

A great number of styles of the past were used in architecture, domestic design and painting. In spite of the fact that the modern began at the end of XIX century it is still actual. Fine art has a wide purview you may buy modern paintings online for a restaurant, domestic interior or even for an office. Everywhere where an eccentric look to the world and its reflection is valued original contemporary oil paintings will be timely. As there are skilful and clever artists who create modern art for sale you can easily buy contemporary oil paintings of any beauty. It is Tabriz Abdullayev who originates modern paintings for a domestic interior, office or even as a gift.